General requirements for online students of Orthodox Christian Educational Club:

1. Have a computer with Windows or Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat et al) operating system.
2. Perform weekly homework.
3. Have access to e-mail. Not postponing "for later" to report any problems with homework performing. Weekly, on Saturdays, send a report on the homework done during the week.
4. Adhere to the rules of behavior of the club member (given at the end of the announcement).
Monthly assignments with a weekly breakdown are sent on the first day of each month. Answers to questions and checked weekly works are sent to students on Mondays. We also want to help children develop their Russian language skills. Тherefore, all correspondence by e-mail should be in Russian. In the exceptional case, the student is allowed to use English. We understand that children will most likely have problems with grammar, but this is fixable if the student wants to. We will help students master the grammar of the Russian language. Even if the child is not confident in his knowledge, then even better to start writing with lot of errors, but in Russian. You yourself will see that in a month or two, student will improve his writing skill in native language. The main thing that he has to have a desire.

Rating system.

Until the age of 14, i.e. until we begin to seriously engage in mathematics, the criterion will only be “know how to do it yourself or not.” This is of fundamental importance, since it teaches us to value work itself, and not how the student will be rated, and hinders the development of a consumer attitude to life.

Financial expenses.

All the software that will be used will be free software, but tools (saws, drill, soldering iron, etc.) and materials (electronic components, metal and wooden plates, etc.) have to be bought, if you don't have them. This usually requires from $ 20 to $ 80 per month. However, the latter should not be a big obstacle, since all the tools and the remaining materials will be used in your household.


If adults themselves check children's homework weekly, then tuition is free (but ALL completed tasks per month has to be sent on the last Saturday of the month via e-mail). If you are not confident in your abilities or you want us to check assignments and work with childrens on their mistakes, then payment is $ 25 per month for a family (the number of children does not matter), or $ 25 per month for a community/parish/group of families/общины, if an adult is found, who agrees to coordinate the work of childrens from your community, check their homework, and will send for verification only those questions that caused difficulty for all the children. At the same time, he may consult with us, forward us incomprehensible questions. Regardless of the chosen form of study, classes in religion, history, as well as contests and video bridges are held in their usual mode and the participation of children in them is necessary. The first introductory month is free. Educational material for classes in the club will be of two types: 1). training films, and 2) textbooks. Educational films are freely available on youtube on the NashKlich channel (see playlist "Sunday School Physics"). Tutorials will be sent via email. Some textbooks and the results of joint projects will be posted in the Facebook group.

Full-time activities and meetings.

Our courses are for the on-line education, but we invite you for face-to-face meetings, at least once a year, in the summer ORPR camp in Vladimirov, IL.

Our heroes.

In their daily life, our students admire Russian cadets, from whom the elite of Russian society grew. Those young Russian warriors, who, unlike the majority of Russian society in 1917, remained loyal to the tsar in the difficult years of unrest in Russia. Those Russian cadets who gave their young lives for the Faith and Fatherland on the fields of civil war. Therefore, the rules of behavior of the club members are based on the the foundation laid out by Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, the father of all Russian cadets, who created the most perfect education system for the younger generation that passed the test of time, wars, years of hard times and emigration.