1. Be faithful to the Orthodox Faith and be a worthy successor of the affairs of their ancestors.
2. Love the land of the ancestors, respect Russia and its history.
3. Respect Russian customs and traditions.
4. Respect the country where you live, its citizens and culture.
5. Respect the elders.
6. Respect others, their religions and beliefs.
7. Respect someone else's grief, sadness, joy, fun, sleep, rest, peace, work.
8. Respect the worshiper.
9. Be neat.
10. Take care of your church, help the priest, the parish and parishioners.
11. Do not muddy your nest and future memories of your childhood, adolescence and youth.
12. Help comrades.
13. Share with comrades.
14. Constrain oneself in order not to embarrass the comrades.
15. Do not deceive comrade. Do not make him responsible for your wrongdoings.
16. Be honest in everything. Do not dishonest either for personal gain or for the sake of partnership. Remember, honest in the great is honest and in the small.
17. Remember the duty of friendship bows to the duty of the tovarischestvo, and the duty of the tovarischestvo bows to the duty of community service.
18. Do not insult. Remember the insult of a friend, insults the tovarischestvo.
19. Do not brag.
20. Do not be rude.
21. Do not be jealous.
22. Be humble and know your faults
23. Support outstanding.
24. Do not violate property rights.
25. Be vigorous and harden your will.
26. Tolerate deprivation meekly.
27. Watch people in the eye.
28. Be everywhere and always with a raised visor.
29. At the battlefield, even man alone is a warrior.
30. Having quarreled, think about peace.
31. To be, not seem to be.
32. Do not be afraid to be polite. Do not be rude and cursing, it shows your lack of smartness and limitations.
33. Be thankful to God and parents.